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We are a Facility that the Community Can Use

For more information, access the Facilities Rental Application under FORMS in the How We Can Help section.

What we have to Offer!

  • Ample paved parking
  • Wheelchair-accessibility
  • Fenced play area with asphalt track for bikes, scooters and wheelchairs
  • On the Go-Bus route
  • Picturesque setting
  • Internet access
  • Friendly and helpful on-site staff
  • Photocopying, fax, computers and AV equipment
  • Affordable rental rates

Accessible Building

Our fully accessible building includes an elevator, ramps, automatic doors, pocket doors, a large change table with lift, wheelchair accessible doorways and washrooms with pull-down rails.

Meeting Rooms

The Resource and Learning Centre has attractive interaction rooms of various sizes available for professionals, agencies and support services to utilize on an ongoing basis. As well, we welcome local community groups to hold meetings, workshops and training sessions in our fully equipped building. The Centre has a kitchen and three washrooms.

Inclusive Playground

Inclusive play spaces are assembled to accommodate children with visual, mental and motor impairments. One of the most important parts of going to the play space is getting exercise through fun, physical activity. For children with disabilities, an equally important consideration is that accessible equipment be integrated with non-accessible equipment. Not every piece of play equipment needs to be accessible, but when non-accessible swings, for example, hang alongside accessible ones, it promotes social interaction between children with and without disabilities. The whole intent is for children of all abilities to come out and play and learn together.

Our play space is an integral part of our children’s programs, building into each child the skills required for effective participation in community life. As we continue to build and dream, we want to create a play space that will inspire others to create similar play spaces, thus working towards creating a culture of inclusion.

In 2011, we updated our play space with generous grants from Autism Speaks Canada and the Healthy Community Fund. Our property now includes a sensory garden, inclusive play areas with wheelchair/roller blading track, a wheelchair-accessible swing, fitness/balance equipment, chicken coop, rabbit hutch, sports field, splash area, and activity hut.

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